3 steps to ensure you’re Putting Like A Pro on the Golf Course

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3 steps to ensure you’re Putting Like A Pro on the Golf Course

One of the most important parts of the game is, of course, putting. An accurate, speedy putt can make or break your score on any hole. Keep reading on if you want the pro tips to improve your putting speed and accuracy!

  1. Put your focus onto your aim & alignment
    Before you even direct your attention to the ball, the first step to improve putting is ensuring that your aim and alignment are in order. Your body must be square to the target line with your feet, hips, and shoulders facing straight down the line. This allows you to make that consistent contact with the ball and helping to keep your putts straight.

  2. Find the right grip for yourself
    Your grip is also important when it comes to putting accurately. One very common grip is placing both hands together on the club, forming “V” shapes that point towards your chest. This kind of grip provides stability throughout the full motion allowing more control over your stroke. You must find a middle ground with your grip, ensuring it is not too tight or too loose. Just a the point where it feels comfortable and you’re confident you can move your wrists freely throughout your swing.

  3. Find the right tempo with your stroke
    It will take some practice to find a smooth rhythm and tempo with your stroke to result in better accuracy. Focus on keeping a consistent tempo through each back and forth stroke and using the same rhythm each time you putt during a round of golf. Be aware if your stroke feels too fast or slow, this could cause the direction to be inaccurate throwing off your score quickly!

Practising these 3 steps together will be sure to help improve your accuracy & speed when putting on the golf course! So take that extra time out of each round, focusing on improving your game in these areas and you’ll be golfing like a pro in no time!

Some of the best ways to test those skills that you’ve been practicing is by entering an amateur tournament where a little bit of being under pressure hones your skills even more.

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