A Golfers Bucket List?

That is what every golfer has… 

Those particular golf courses that you dream about playing, one day.

The thing is, those dreams remain that way until you do something about it!

Shadow Creek Golf Club
Shadow Creek Golf Club, Las Vegas

In the past few years I have had the good fortune to be able to play a few of these ‘Bucket List’ courses:

  • Shadow Creek in Las Vegas
  • The Blue Monster Course at Doral in Miami
  • The No.2 Course at Pinehurst
  • St. Andrews Links (Old Course) in Scotland
  • Fancourt in George, South Africa
  • and in June 2019, I travelled to Oregon in the USA for a conference at Sunriver Resort in Bend and then on to Bandon Dunes.

If you asked me five years ago when I was going to play these courses, my answer would probably have been “One Day!” 

The difference is that I have done something about it. I have made it my goal to put myself in the position where I can choose where to go and what course I want to play.

It also helps that the business that I’m in enables me to get access to these courses more readily than most, but I also have colleagues in the golf travel business who don’t go to the events, who don’t promote their business overseas at conferences seeing the golfers, Pro’s, Country Club Managers etc. in their home environment, and as such, not only are they missing out, but they are missing the vital tool in the golf travel business which is communication.

With communication comes familiarity, friendship and solid business connections. 

Bandon Dunes Resort, Oregon
Bandon Dune Resort, Oregon

The doors that open up to you through these connections are immeasurable if you were to compare them to the Golf Tour Operator who hides behind a laptop and their website and doesn’t actually ever meet their clients.

At TheGolfPA.com we like to have as much communication and yes you guessed it, actual real life face to face meetings with our clients and suppliers whenever we can. 

The cost to me of making the effort to travel on three flights leaving my house at 04:00 in the morning and not arriving until 25 hours later into resort cannot be measured in monetary value, but the return, in the long run, will always be so much more than the initial investment of money spent and my time.

Additionally to actually do the trip, just as our clients would enable us to know first hand what our travelling golfers are required to do in order to take the vacation. We can advise on many aspects that they may have queries about because we have done it ourselves and know what to expect.

You don’t always have to play the most expensive courses in the world to have a great golf trip, but having the right advise and having us coordinate your specific bespoke itinerary will make life a whole lot easier for you.

St. Andrews Links - TheGolfPA.com
St. Andrews Links (Old Course), Scotland

Check out our eBook attached which gives a list of The 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World. We have purposely not included private member only clubs as these cannot be paid for on a walk-up or pre-booked basis, whereas our list enables you to start planning right away.

If you would like us to assist in making your next golf trip extra special, we can put together a package for you and your group, no matter how large or small and include exactly what you are interested in, so that every day could potentially be another tick off your personal Bucket List! 

Here is the link again:

The Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World

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