Another World Class Golf Course to be built in St. Andrews

Fairmont St. Andrews -
Fairmont St. Andrews

Another World Class Golf Course to be built in St. Andrews

The company behind the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews has applied for permission to convert its two golf courses into one world-class facility.

If successful, this will be an incredible asset not just for Fife residents but also tourists from all over Scotland and Europe!

A statement in support of its application said: “The vision is to create a world class golf course which could become one of the top 100 courses in the world. “Such a move would enhance the hopes of attracting European Tour events.”

The company said its existing courses were “outstanding tests” and the resort was a well established asset to Fife’s economy.

However, it wants take that up another level with an all-new championship course designed specifically for those who play this game like athletes or competitors instead of just leisurely enthusiasts – a must see location if you’re ever in Scotland!

Expanding the golf courses at Fairmont St Andrews would be an exciting opportunity to create more space for players.

The land where these existing layouts take place has been farmland since before World War II, so they need to import sand from elsewhere in order make it fair-game quality terrain – but this is just one of many ways that could change!

With new transformed holes and tees/greens installed along with some remodeling done on them too (like adding some hazards), there’d finally feel like enough variety when you step out onto the new links course:)

Whilst the application process goes through the correct channels, if you haven’t done so before, take the opportunity to play the two great courses that are currently existing at Fairmont St. Andrews, The Torrence Course and The Kittocks Course. will assist you in creating a great golf trip in St. Andrews and greater Fife region. Simply email [email protected], call us on +44 28 7032 6707 or book in with a Zoom Call to get the planning process underway.