Breaking Barriers In Golf Accessories With Deuce Premium

Deuce Premium Marker -
Deuce Premium Marker

How Many Black-owned golf apparel companies do you know? This was the question presented to Tarek (Ty) DeLavallade Founder and President of Deuce Premium based in Windermere, Florida.

“We were recording a podcast and the question came up,” said Ty. “I then thought, How do we fix that?” and “Why is it that Black entrepreneurs haven’t been able to penetrate this market?”

With the golf apparel market valued at $4.25 Billion in 2021 and only 46 black-owned golf apparel and accessories brands listed on the Black Golf Directory, there is certainly room for more Black representation in this industry.

Ty DeLavallade -
Ty DeLavallade, Founder and President of Deuce Premium

Ty explains, “I’ve come to find that it is the lack of capital, resources, and knowledge, that holds most of us back.” He continued “I had at least two of these three and I figured out how to acquire the third through research.”

The 2019 launch of Deuce Premium included cabretta leather golf gloves with color combinations that corresponded to the Divine Nine sororities and fraternities. That inaugural launch sold out within the brands first two months. The brand gained overwhelming support from HBCU alumni, professional, semi-professional and novice golfers.

“After the success of our initial launch, I needed to find funding to produce more. I bootstrapped everything up until that point.“

Since its launch, Deuce Premium has worked with investors to expand the company’s product line to include hats, belts, additional  glove colors and the brand’s signature weekender travel bag.

Deuce Premium Red Leather Duffle Bag -
Deuce Premium Red Leather Duffle Bag

The global pandemic did not slow Deuce’s momentum or success—Ty was able to leverage the positive response from the launch by becoming the first Black-Owned Golf apparel and accessories brand in the PGA TOUR Superstore. One of the largest golf retailers in the US with over 40 locations in 16 states. The luxury golf brand will be available in 19 stores nationwide and on the PGA TOUR Superstore website.

“This is a dream for me” Said Ty. “We are the first, but hopefully we’ve opened the door so we won’t be the last.”

In addition to Deuce’s golf accessories and apparel, PGA TOUR Superstore will also be carrying the brand’s line of luxury cigar accessories.

Deuce Premium @ The PGA Show, Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando -
Deuce Premium @ The PGA Show, Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando

On the heels of this historic milestone come other notable partnerships for Deuce. Being named as an alliance partner for the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, supporting the organization’s golf efforts as a sponsor. Also designing the commemorative 1896 hat for the players and partners at the John Shippen Invitational. With the Men’s Field Winner, Tim O’Neal sporting a Deuce Premium belt throughout the tournament.

Visit Ty’s entire collection on his website Deuce Premium.