Algarve: Benamor Golf

Discover the superb Benamor Golf, an 18-hole course in the serene Algarve, offering a pleasant playing experience for golfers of all levels!
Benamor Golf -
Benamor Golf

Benamor Golf

Discover the allure of Benamor Golf, an exquisite 18-hole course nestled in the serene Eastern Algarve, just a stone’s throw away from the historic city of Tavira.
Designed by the legendary Sir Henry Cotton, this par 71 course offers a captivating golfing experience against the backdrop of stunning mountain and sea vistas, creating a picturesque setting for enthusiasts.
The course’s forgiving layout makes it ideal for both seasoned golfers and novices, while its convenient location near quaint towns like Tavira and Casa Vehla allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich local culture and explore the charming surroundings.
Whether teeing off amidst nature’s beauty or indulging in the area’s cultural offerings, Benamor Golf promises an unforgettable fusion of golfing pleasure and authentic Portuguese hospitality.

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