North West, Donegal and Sligo: Ballyliffin Golf Club (Glashedy Links)

Ballyliffin Golf Club -
Ballyliffin Golf Club

Ballyliffin Golf Club (Glashedy Links)

The Glashedy Links offers a challenge unlike any other. The course is long, and with the ever blowing wind it can become a monster.

There are many signature holes at this golf club that all have their own charms but one hole in particular catches your eye – the par 3 7th playing from height to green sited 100 feet below at ground level; you’d be hard pressed not to notice such an incredible feat of engineering!

Of course there’s also always going to be debate over which hole is better than another: while some may think it’s difficult for them distinguish between different ones as each has its own unique charm, they do agree on how spectacularly beautiful the 13th was made when compared against similar courses around Ireland (and even abroad).

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