South West and Killarney: Waterville Golf Links

Waterville Golf Links -
Waterville Golf Links

Waterville Golf Links

With 85% of the world’s links golf courses found in Britain and Ireland, Waterville Golf Links is one to experience. Golf at Waterville is like going back in time.

By definition a “True Links” means that it has no man-made features or hazards on the course which can have an impact on play. It will be free from natural obstacles such as lakes and trees but may include mounds for strategic purposes only.

There are no golf courses that can compare to the sheer beauty of this course and its seaside location, as well as the classic links land it features.

The view from every hole on this 18-hole course will leave you breathless with awe because there’s nothing more majestic than watching a golfer take their shot while they’re surrounded by these ocean views!

Mystical marvels await for those who want an experience unlike any other when playing golf near Ireland’s coast – head over to Waterville Golf Club today if you dare try something new!

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