Scottish Highlands and Inverness: Golspie Golf Club

Golspie Golf Club -
Golspie Golf Club

Golspie Golf Club

“Authenticity. Beauty. Challenge.” Golspie Golf Club is the place to be for golf lovers who want it all, and a little more besides!

The varied course features spectacular views of Scotland’s sea and mountains with challenging fairways influenced by James Braid himself – golfer extraordinaire; not that you need any help being challenged here at this beautiful heathland-based Scottish links course where holes lead into unforgettable pin placements with bunkers throughout.

Located on North Coast 500 route, which we can’t recommend enough either as an amazing scenic drive or ride alongside some stunning coastal scenery in addition to its many castles along the way (we’re huge fans!), Golspie offers your chance at experiencing true beauty through authentic challenges.

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