Connecticut: Gillette Ridge Golf Club

Gillette Ridge Golf Club

Connecticut: Gillette Ridge Hill Golf Club

Hello, golf lovers! 🏌️‍♂️

Welcome to the captivating world of Gillette Ridge Golf Club, a golfing paradise nestled in the heart of Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Imagine teeing off on an 18-hole, par-72 layout that stretches over a whopping 6,800 yards! Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

But Gillette Ridge isn’t just about size – each hole presents its unique blend of challenge and playability. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding amateur, this course has something for everyone.

You’ll find yourself navigating through water hazards, bunkers, and strategically placed fairway contours that will test your shot-making skills to the max.

And trust me, the risk and reward opportunities will keep you coming back for more!

And while the game is sure to get your adrenaline pumping, don’t forget to take a moment to soak in the breathtaking views of the countryside. The serene atmosphere adds a touch of tranquility to your golfing experience, making every round at Gillette Ridge a memorable one.

So come join us and become part of our friendly golfing community.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Gillette Ridge family. See you on the green! ⛳

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