Australia’s golf courses are diverse and offer a memorable experience for every golfer.

The championship courses of the Signature Tier, which includes nine that are rated in the top 100 in world, is where true enthusiasts will find themselves immersed with history and designed by some of today’s leading golf course architects.

Australians have a thing for golfing and with so many incredible courses available, it’s easy to see why. The Great Golf Courses of Australia are an opportunity to golf in many different climates and landscapes.

In the tranquil, temperate climate of Tasmania’s northeast coast you can experience links courses that wind through dramatic sand dunes; on a tropical island near Queensland play alongside pristine ocean waters or tee off from hillside fairways with views out over green hillsides dotted with rainforest trees.

The Victorian Sandbelt is home to some famous Australian holes including Kingston Heath where Greg Norman made his first hole-in-one aged 19 years old as well as Royal Melbourne which has hosted the men’s championships more than any other course since 1894 when it was founded just eight weeks before hosting its inaugural championship event.

Australia has seasons that are reversed from those in the UK. Spend your winter months enjoying sunny weather and golfing almost all year long! You won’t even need to bring a jacket, as Australia’s winters don’t dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit—even better than Florida!

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