First day in the job was like a Baptism of Fire…

Like any new busy role, a baptism of fire is the best way to get involved and that is exactly what happened to me at with so much going on…

Who knew that Ireland had so many golf courses?

Like sitting in class taking your first spelling test at primary school, I was under the spotlight, nervous, wanting to make no mistakes and please my ‘teacher’.

With a sigh of relief, and only a couple of mishaps, thankfully I am now able recite many of them! 

It has quickly taught me that even though I am a golfer and like to combine my holidays with my pastime, everyone is different!! 

Our clients all have distinctive expectations and requirements, but ultimately it is all about the golf. 

Here at the team has a passion for golf, but are all poles apart in what each one wants on their own individual golfing trips. Being able to give our clients exactly what they are looking for is our speciality.

Being golfers from the Causeway Coast in N. Ireland, and a combined membership of three championship links golf clubs, as well as collective of overseas experience in the industry, there is not much don’t know!

I swiftly started to understand this is what makes our bespoke packages so different; we tailor them to the client. Nothing is a problem and nothing is impossible!! has become well established in the market over the last number of years and fortified some great relationships with golf courses, transport companies, hotel and accommodation providers in order to work out the Ayrton Senna’s from the Driving Miss Daisy’s! 

I have immensely increased my tourist attraction knowledge, not only on my own wee island, but that of the UK and further afield as we start to send more and more clients to expanding golf markets such as the Middle East, South Africa and lesser-discovered European Golf destinations like Italy, Tenerife and Iceland! website has had an overhaul lately and can be seen at It displays a snap shot of some of the great golfing expeditions for the discerning golfer.

We are not just talking about Ireland, but the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. Well worth a visit to help you decide where your next golf trip is going to be.

The amount of Amateur Tournaments that are available to participate in within the UK and Ireland was also a surprise to me, some of which are so popular that they operate waiting lists for years! 

These are perfect trips for single golfers or groups who enjoy meeting like-minded players, having a bit of ‘craic’ on and off the golf course, as well as attaining great value for money in tournament run conditions. You can see all of these in the Amateur Tournaments section.

I think the one downfall for me will be discovering super packages with great golf course upon great golf course in various locations, each hotel seemingly more amazing than the one before, coupled with the diverse activities that may be added to the golf trips…

This may mean my holiday expenditure will greatly increase! Oh and the fact that there has not been one meeting to date on the golf course!!!!

When are you looking to take your next golf trip? Could you do with some inspiration, or would life just be simpler if you let someone else take care of everything for you and your group?

If so, get in contact with me. I’d really love to assist making your golf vacation that little bit more special. You can reach me by email: [email protected] on give the Support Team a call: +44 28 7032 6707.