How to act like a Tour Pro

Whether consciously or subconsciously, all golfers are influenced by tour pros in some way, shape or form.

You know you’ve mimicked a tour player’s pre-shot routine or swing, bought similar attire, or even reacted similarly to a shot, and you probably do it more often than you think.

My friends and I began doing this years ago when we started thinking we were way better than we were.

We began intentionally acting as if we were tour pros playing inside the ropes in front of large galleries.

What started as a joke morphed into a full fledged side competition and reached the point where we celebrated a well-executed tour mannerism more than a great shot.

Below are some ideas for how you can join in on the fun (ordered by degree of ridiculousness).

And remember, throw subtlety out the window when trying any of this stuff. We call it #TourSauce.

Get your in the know guide here:

How to act like a Tour Pro