Playing Golf is Healthier Than Walking

Playing Golf is Healthier Than Walking

Almenara Sotogrande Golf Club (Pinos and Alcornoques) -
Almenara Sotogrande Golf Club (Pinos and Alcornoques)

Playing golf is a great way to get physical exercise and improve your overall health. While it’s true that a simple walk around the course or even around your local park can be beneficial, playing an actual game of golf provides numerous benefits that you cannot get from walking alone.

  • Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland have concluded that playing a round of golf is better for the heart health in people over 65 than walking or Nordic walking.
  • 25 healthy participants aged 65 and over participated in the study, which measured their blood pressure, finger-prick tests and other fitness metrics while they played an 18-hole round of golf, walked 3.7 miles and did 3.7 miles of Nordic walking respectively.
  • The results revealed all three types aerobic exercise improved cardiovascular health; however it was golf that gave biggest benefits despite its ‘lower intensity’ according to researchers findings published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise journal.

First and foremost, playing golf is a full-body workout. You use your arms to swing the club and take shots, while also building strength in your core muscles as you twist and turn while playing your shots. As well as providing excellent cardiovascular exercise, this full body workout also offers many other health benefits such as improved flexibility, balance and coordination.

Additionally, playing golf requires more focus than just walking, which has been shown to help combat stress and depression. The combination of the physical exercise and increased mental focus can leave you feeling energized and motivated for up to 24 hours afterwards – something that just walking does not offer. And lastly – although not least importantly – playing golf can be incredibly enjoyable for those who are looking for an activity that is both fun and good for their health!

All in all, there are many reasons why playing golf can be much healthier than simply walking around with no aim or purpose; not only will you benefit physically from the sport but you can also reap the mental rewards of getting out there on the course. So if you’re looking for a way to stay fit but still have a bit of fun along the way – pick up a club and head out on the fairways!

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