New Zealand

New Zealand

The designers behind the world-class golf courses in New Zealand can’t ever claim to be short on inspiration. In a land of endless space and dramatic natural beauty, New Zealand offers some of the most amazing sights you will ever see, both on and off the course.

The North Island typically maintains a mild temperature throughout the year (20-30°C in summer), with the warmer region being near the top of the island (as it’s closer to the equator). The great thing about the North Island is that it’s basically not too hot, not too cold – no matter what the time of year.

The South Island is a bit different, in that it has the capability to reach the extremes – if you can call 1°C an extreme. Down South, the winter has a bit more of a bite. In the summer, the average temperature of the South Island is 16-22°C.

In both islands, there are thick native forests, snowy peaks, rolling green hills, bustling cities, amazing golf and more – so visually, there’s always a whole lot to enjoy.

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